Carmen Farrell, Executive Director and mom to Ges ("Jess"), a member of Club G
It was never Carmen's intention in life to be qualified to be involved with organizations like SEEDS.  But her son made sure that she would be.  Twenty years in school districts, starting out as a research assistant for a provincial Royal Commission on Education and ending up in a large urban school district, in charge of communications, community schools and a number of community development projects also helped.  Her academic qualifications include undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science, public administration and business.

Wendy Holtan, Club G Creator and Facilitator
Wendy has been working with children since 1980 when she began studying developmental and counseling psychology at the University of Victoria.  For the last 20 years Wendy has been working specifically with children on the autism spectrum in school settings.  Drawing from a number of approaches to develop friendship groups tailored to support inclusion, she has seen incredible benefits and value for the community.


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