Parents Can Advocate Effectively for Their Kids!

We think there's a proactive, inclusive and engaged way for parents to interact with their children's educators.  We believe this approach helps prevent problems from developing...but why? and how?

Course Philosophy
This course rests on the notion that establishing a partnership begins with two parties feeling responsible for the success of a mutual purpose.  In this case, it means parents establishing relationships with teachers and other relevant school staff rooted in a common sense of purpose that opens authentic communication about the real issues and concerns each partner has.   In constructive ways, these interactions form the base to build trust, and to motivate everyone to make the partnership work.

How?  Two things are needed to build and sustain such partnerships.  One is an ability to clarify the thoughts, feelings and intentions that both parties have; to not get caught up in the stories and sense-making that are a normal part of social interaction, but to ensure that perceptions get tested so that people are dealing with what’s real and not what they have made up in their heads.  The second is that partnerships work best when people look for and align with the positive intentions that others hold.  Learning to exert influence by focusing on what you want more of from your partners,  seeing their positive intentions and actions, and amplifying that, is a much more effective strategy than focusing on what you don’t want, or don’t like...and complaining about it.

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