SEEDS, the Social Emotional Empathy Development Society, is about creating connections.  We're passionate about developing the social and emotional capacities of children, youth and adults in our communities.  Through a variety of community-based projects, SEEDS creates opportunities for community members to develop their empathy, to act compassionately, and to engage the best parts of their humanity.  And we do so with everyone in mind, especially those who face more than their share of challenges.

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Free Workshop for Parents!
Effecting Change in Schools: Building a Partnership for your Child's Success

Learn how to build partnerships that create win/win outcomes for children, parents and teachers.  Practice skills to establish relationships that build a common purpose, open authentic communication about concerns, and build trust and motivation to make partnerships work.  Learn how to avoid pitfalls and get relationships back on track.

To arrange a course contact info@seedsociety.ca

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